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Brand: Atomos Model: ATOMCRPS1
The Atomos Connect Repeat  SDI. This SDI repeater features BNC connections for input and output and is compatible with SD, HD, and 3G-SDI standards. Using this extender between the video source and the destination, you can run an SDI signal over 1200' of cabling without signal loss. Ext..
Ex Tax:£99.00
Brand: Datavideo Model: DATA-VP737
Wired composite video transmission as far as 200 metersCompletely adaptive - quick, easy installation and setup, no configuration requiredCat5e extension design makes use of existing Cat 5e or better wiring infrastructuresVP-737 is a composite video signal repeater which consists of a transmission a..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Brand: Datavideo Model: DATA-VP634
Extend the capabilities of SDI cable1 x VP633 with 3x VP-634 SDI repeaters can each extend the range by a further 200m (high quality SDI cable)SDI Repeaters can be used in a chain, allowing runs of up to 1000m with good quality SDI cable. Requires 1 x VP-633 in chain to supply po..
Ex Tax:£209.00
Brand: Datavideo Model: DATA-VP633
Extend the capabilities of SDI cablesUpto 4 SDI Repeaters (1 x VP-633 plus 3 x VP-634) can be used in one chain, allowing runs of up to 1000m with good quality SDI cableVP-633 can repeat SDI signal upto a further 200m (SDI Cable dependant, 3G 100m max between repeaters)Add up to 3 x unpowered VP634&..
Ex Tax:£245.00
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