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Brand: Shape Model: NIVTP
Designed to Fit the 5″ Ninja V MonitorLightweight CNC-Machined Aluminum1/4″-20 Screw with Anti-Rotation Blocks1/4″-20 Threads and Cold Shoe MountUse this Top Plate from SHAPE designed specifically for the Atomos 5” Ninja V Recording Monitor to attach accessories such as arms, lights, or microphones ..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Hague Model: CF
The Hague CF Camframe Camera Cage provides extra stability which is achieved as the camcorder is held by both hands. The camcorder mounts onto the base of the frame, slightly to the right to enable the flip-out screen to be used to monitor your shots. On the base of the frame is a mounting point fo..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Brand: Hague Model: CFSLR
The CFSLR Hague Digital SLR Camframe Camera Cage has been designed to hold DSLR type cameras. These HD digital cameras, such as the Canon EOS 5D MK III and Lumix GH4 produce great HD video but are difficult to hold for handheld filming. The Digital SLR Camframe has been specifically desig..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Brand: Hague Model: CSM
The Hague CSM Camera Shoulder Mount Rig is made of aluminium which can be bent to enable a snug fit onto the shoulder. It's design allows plenty of room for the right hand to be used on the cameras controls or to focus the camera. A handgrip below the camera allows the left or right hand to sup..
Ex Tax:£41.50
Brand: Filmcity Model: FC-A7G34
In order to excel the functionality of your Panasonic lumix and Sony Camera, Filmcity proudly unveils its peculiar Panasonic Lumix GH3/ GH4 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s Camera Cage to give your every shot a more refined & professional feel. The robust video cage not only covers your Camera for multip..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Hague Model: PCF Pro
The Hague Pro Camframe Camera Cage has been designed for larger cameras and extra stability is achieved as the frame is held by both hands which reduces camera shake and creates a smoother movement. The camera mounts onto the base of the frame, slightly to the right to enable the flip-out screen to..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Filmcity Model: MF-MN-CRS
The Filmcity Mini Camera Cage has been designed to perfectly fit around your Black Magic Pocket Camera. Keeps your camera small but protected or build it up with several of the available accessories to make it into a full production ready system. Prosumer operators in many non-broadcast areas li..
Ex Tax:£55.00
Brand: Movcam Model: MOV-303-2102
Allows full access to the camera's connection ports, LCD screen, and battery compartmentRemovable Wood Handgrip21 x 1/4"-20 Threaded Mounting HolesAllows Full Access to Camera FunctionsSlots above the handgrip to attach optional wrist strapsAnodized Aluminum ConstructionWeight: 9oz / 255.2gDimension..
Ex Tax:£69.00
Brand: SmallHD Model: SHD-ACC502BCAGE
Milled aluminium mounting bracketsBrackets install on the left and right side of the 502 Bright for multiple side mounting locationsWeight (Packaged): 4oz / 113.40g..
Ex Tax:£79.00
Brand: Movcam Model: MOV-303-2301
Half Cage Design for Panasonic GH4Designed to leave Grip Side open for access to controls and battery1/4"-20 Accessory Mounting Threads1 x Shoe Mount for attaching accessoriesCompatible with:PanasonicDMC-GH4..
Ex Tax:£85.00
Brand: Shape Model: DTH1
Designed to Fit the 5″ Ninja V MonitorTop Plate with 1/4″-20 & Cold Shoe MountLock & Protect HDMI In/Out CablesAllows Access to SSD DriveLightweight CNC-Machined Aluminum3 x Captive Screws IncludedAdd accessories and protect your HDMI cables with this HDMI Lock System and Top Plate Kit from ..
Ex Tax:£95.00
Brand: Shape Model: NIVKIT
Lock and Protect HDMI In/Out CablesAllows Access to SSD DriveCompatible with Atomos Sun HoodAdjustable Brackets to Fit Cable SizeLightweight CNC-Machined Aluminum2 x Captive Screws IncludedUse the HDMI Lock System from SHAPE to protect and lock the HDMI in and out cables on the side of the 5″ Atomos..
Ex Tax:£95.00
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